VCR: The Hunger Games


Apologies for the alcohol-free nature of this post but due to bump, I've had to explore the world of soft drinks over the last six months. It's actually not been as bad as I expected! Loads of choice nowadays - with my go-to usually being a bottle of Belvoir. I like to drink it in a fizz glass just to make it a bit more fun (it's the little things).

*As mentioned in a previous post, the slippers I'm wearing are from Victoria's Secret in New York (a Christmas gift from sister S). I can't locate them online so would recommend these from Celtic & Co. I've purchased boots from this brand for years and have no doubt these pink mules are super cosy and will last a long time. Worth the investment.


The Hunger Games films. This particular VCR evening involved the final instalment: Mockingjay - Part 2. Unlike many, I've never read the books so followed the story as portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence as lead protagonist Katniss Everdeen. In a nutshell, the films are centred around a televised competition where two teenagers from each of the 12 districts of a post-apocalyptic nation called 'Panem' are chosen randomly to fight to the death. In the first film, Everdeen volunteers herself in replacement of her younger sister. Without giving any spoilers to anyone who missed them, this ultimate instalment is where it comes to a head. Lots of action, emotion and unexpected twists.

Here's the trailer for the first film, to avoid too many giveaways:

If you love action movies, you might like this also (a 90s classic).