My Week In... Summer

Saluting the last couple of weeks of this spectacular season.

1. Homegrown summer veg harvesting.

2. Pitstop at Penshurst Place craft show.

3. Avocado, tomatoes & scrambled egg.

4. Trailing lobelia still growing strong.

5. Drying summer lavender with assistant Mog.

6. A very green greenhouse.

7. Summer berries inside American-style pancakes, drizzled with authentic maple syrup (a gift from a Canadian colleague).

8. Loved M&S's Spirit of Summer range this year.

9. Sharing nachos at a local food festival.

My Week... Touring GB

1. The cutest historic tea rooms, Warwick.

2. Colourful shop row, Edinburgh.

3. Amazing views of Glasgow via The Lighthouse

4. Rustic feast.

5. Chapter House ceiling, York Minster.

6. The best B&B in Kelso - run by family friends. (So pretty, and amazing breakfasts.)

7. Gigantic stained glass window inside York Minster.

8. Cookie stroll.

9. Best street name ever, York.

My Week In... Water

1. Canal boating for a bestie's 30th.

2. Magnet memento from our anniversary trip to Whitstable.

3. Swanning about with a mama & her cygnets.

4. Tin Tin nursery art.

5. Cuppa on deck.

6. Donald Duck bathroom art.

7. Lobster & frog fancy dress.

8. Framed boat art by our favourite St Tropez artist.

9. Dennis, the everlasting goldfish.

My Week... With Family

1. Cute baby boy card from my auntie.

2. 40th birthday garden party at Mama & Papa B's house.

3. The BEST gelato bike on a hot August day. (Flavours included jam doughnut, banoffee pie and chocolate & cherry.)

4. Bertie Bassett birthday cake for Nanny the liquorice queen.

5. Birthday bunting.

6. Meet Tallulah, my cousin's teacup chihuahua. (She is smaller than most cats.)

7. L's latest garden purchase, complete with beer pocket.

8. Sweetie table: party essential.

9. Nanny-knitted baby blanket for our new arrival.

My Week In... Blue

1. The cutest message from a bestie, pre baby gender reveal.

2. IT'S A BOY!

3. Cherries in the sun (with a side of nose licking...).

4. First blue purchase, Mamas & Papas sale.

5. Hydrangea pom-pom.

6. Baby changing mat: scattered stars.

7. Baby prep = IKEA trip.

8. Peter Rabbit: Nursery essential.

9. Sunny blue skies all week.

My Week In... Food

1. Pasta & sauces cookery course: pea, mint & ricotta ravioli.

2. Baby gender reveal cakes.

3. First greenhouse-grown cucumber.

4. The best fresh bread, The Bicycle Bakery.

5. Home-grown reds: tomatoes & strawberries.

6. Banana & maple syrup pancakes, The Bicycle Bakery.

7. DIY pizza (L does the best dough).

8. Fresh mango chutney.

9. Sunday BBQ spatchcock chicken.

My Week In... Memories

1. Peter Rabbit music box.

2. The. Best. Book. Ever.

3. My first Kinder Egg toy.

4. Disney audio books, complete with cassette tape.

5. My go-to Noddy t-shirt, 1989.

6. My old night light for our new nursery.

7. Puppy In My Pockets - every 90s girl had at least 5.

8. Tic-Tac-Toe (I brushed her tail a bit too much...).

9. Back-in-the-day Beanie addict.

My Week In... Rain

1. Early week thunder & lightning.

2. Gloomy Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square.

3. Not the best week for Britain.

4. Rainy evenings = new series: Billions. (Recommend!)

5. Raindrops on Roses.

6. Set Fire To The Rain: Adele headlining Glastonbury

7. Soaked through.

8. Punting in Cambridge (grey clouds a'lurking).

9.  DIY fruit slice umbrellas (must try).

My Week In... DIY

1. Allotment poppies.

2. Door varnishing (harder than it looks).

3. A successful upcycle (coming soon).

4. Rainy day projects on my to-try list.

5. Homegrown rose.

6. Room makeover, Pavilion Gray.

7. DIY slug repellers: copper tape.

8. The best paint pot trick.

9. Sunday spud weeding.

My Week In... Patterns

1. WC wallpaper.

2. Cath Kidston fabric.

3. New curtain project.

4. Austen deserves pretty covers.

5. Wedding photo albums finally complete! (Who wants doves when you can have pineapples!?)

6. Hat box sorting.

7. Favourite new rug.

8. Flamingo wrapping paper, Paperchase.

9. The comfiest sofa cushions, Biggie Best.