VCR: Orphan Black

A slight tweak to the series for the next few months... L and I are expecting! So 'Vino' will consist of what L is drinking, plus a soft drink suggestion from me, the mama-to-be...


Deep Gully 2014 - a full-bodied, rich shiraz cabernet sauvignon blend from southern Australia. Its taste offers 'layers of smooth black fruits, sweet spice and a twist of pepper'.


Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade - really refreshing, especially when you pop a couple of fresh raspberries in it with ice. I also like to drink it out of a champagne flute so I don't feel left out...!


Orphan Black - a Canadian sci-fi thriller TV series on Netflix. L and I have just finished season 1 (4 currently available), upon recommendation from my hair stylist. The series begins with the main character, Sarah Manning (a streetwise hustler), witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks exactly like her. After stealing her identity to escape her own life, she soon discovers she is one of many clones dotted around the world. A big hand to actress Tatiana Maslany who delivers a range of character performances, as Sarah gradually meets other clones - from a science student to a soccer mum. It takes a couple of episodes to get into, but once you learn more about the situation alongside Sarah, you're suddenly hooked. A gripping week night series when you want to escape from your busy day.

Here's the trailer for season 1: 

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