Maison Bailey is a home ideas emporium for busy people. It’s about creating a cosy, stylish home via feasible tweaks and minimal spend. It’s about enhancing the little things in your homelife for maximum enjoyment. Discover quick but quality ideas to help transform your home.


From 2012-2017 I completed a 3-year refurb project with my partner in crime – L. Put your feet up and get comfy as I share tips and lessons we learned along the way. We did the majority of work ourselves while commuting to our full-time jobs in London so if you’re a busy person, I am proof you can still achieve the home you want while watching the clock. I’ll also be sharing our latest projects, ideas and discoveries.

Since September 2017, we have been renovating a 1930s cottage in the countryside. We have completed stage one - turning a bedroom into a bathroom, re-wiring the house, new carpets, re-decorating, new ceilings, etc. Phase two was completed in spring / summer 2018: a rear kitchen / diner extension. (For more before and after snaps, see my Extension Highlights on Instagram Stories and my main feed.)

Quick tricks

Inspiration for everyday elevation.

Before & After

Discover what our homes looked like pre-refurb. From a decaying Victorian “fire risk” and a 1930s cottage with features & interiors from the 1970s, to the homes we’ve re-built to fit our needs and style. 

Pinterest Projects

I tackle some stunning-yet-intimidating-looking pins on Pinterest to see if they can be recreated in a quick, affordable way. I’ll also share where I found items as nothing frustrates L more than a pretty Pin and nowhere to buy ‘the damn stuff’.

my week / YEAR in...

Themed photos from the last seven / 365 days.

bailey loves

A few of my favourite things.


I tend to want every piece of furniture, cushion and kitchen utensil I see in the homes of my favourite film and TV characters these days - but I never know where to get them! Here, I snoop the net and find pieces to recreate my favourite ScreenStyles (think any film ever made by Nancy Meyers - It’s Complicated, Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday - and any show currently residing on E4.)


Vino. Couch. Remote.

Discover my favourite wine / lounge-wear / must-watch combinations for a happy life.

Additional Residents

Mog the cat and our everlasting fish – Marjorie & Dennis.  You may spot them in photos here and there as they are a big part of my homelife - usually nuzzling our latest sofa throw or licking butter out of pans when we're not looking (the cat - not the fish).

Maison Musings

While you want to enjoy transforming your home (owned or rented), don’t become a slave to it. Enjoy hunting, creating and styling but more importantly – enjoy living in it, hosting it and that feeling you get when you’re heading home after a long, BUSY day. Home is about what goes on inside it as much as how it looks. I hope the inspiration you find here enhances your happy homes and your every day.