Getting Ready Zones

This is literally a quick trick as both solutions help L and I get out the front door quicker in the mornings-! It's all about zones: L has his, I have mine - designed specifically for what we need. We catch early morning commuter trains so speed is of the essence...


Simply fix an IKEA RIBBA picture ledge to your wall, underneath a mirror, and you've got a place for all your daily essentials immediately to hand - moisturiser, deodorant, aftershave, etc:

It's the perfect space-saving storage solution for anyone who's short on time in the mornings. It's particularly perfect for L as he only has a few daily essentials.


I use an IKEA HEMNES chest of 5 drawers with a vanity mirror on top - as I prefer to stand, but also need storage for my products etc. I also get ready much quicker when standing (I tried a dressing table once and it just didn't work for me - I was far too comfortable, making me slower to get ready-!).

I updated the handles to give it less of an 'IKEA' feel:


The top drawer is particularly handy for:

  • Nail polishes
  • Lipsticks / lip balms
  • Kirby grips / hairbands
Use shallow dishes and boxes to store items that need containing.

Use shallow dishes and boxes to store items that need containing.

The taller drawers can fit products in really easily:

  • Hairspray
  • Deodorant
  • Moisturiser
  • Make-up
  • Hairdryer
  • Straighteners
  • Make-up bags
  • Hair & make-up brushes


  • Vanity mirror: magnified on one side to help with makeup application
  • Radio: early morning news & travel updates to keep me up-to-speed
  • Lamp: extra light during winter
  • Clock: helps me keep track of timings (much easier than constantly checking my phone)

If you can, try and position your mirror or chest of drawers on the same wall as your window so you're getting the best light as possible on your face. (Much easier when applying make-up / doing hair!)

For more storage ideas, take a look at my bedroom Pinterest board


Cake Stand Storage

This quick trick is really simple and helps avoid food wastage: Simply display your vegetables in a wire cake stand (this one's from Homebase) and you'll be able to quickly spot what needs using first when meal planning. This is a particularly handy trick for small kitchens, as the three tiers offer stacks of storage without taking up too much precious surface space:

You can also use this idea for fruit (although avoid bananas, apples, kiwi fruit, figs, pears and tomatoes as they release ethylene, which can speed up the ripening process of other fruit).


Homemakers are wising up to the multiuse functionality of cake stands, whether you want to store your treasures or display daily essentials for quick access. Here's some of my favourites:

For another smart kitchen storage idea, why not try this?


Crate Tables

This quick trick is a simple solution to living room storage. Simply buy a couple of apple crates off eBay and you've got yourself a pair of rustic side tables to pop drinks on and store sofa essentials inside. Magazines, books, remote controls, reading glasses, blankets - they offer bags of room. 

We kept ours rustic however you can paint them to match a room scheme (wheels are a great addition for coffee tables), or paint the inside a bright shade to jazz it up.

(Elvis was determined to be part of this particular photoshoot...):


Coasters will ensure your drinks don't topple (it'll avoid wine glass bases falling in between the wooden slats).

Why not try this handy living room storage idea too.


Craft Storage

I love IKEA hacks as they're a creative way to challenge a product's intended use. The ones I've seen online are true genius. You can also alter items to fit your taste / home style better (like this idea).

This quick trick is one of my favourite hacks: turning an IKEA STENSTORP plate shelf into the ultimate craft storage. Ours is fitted onto a wall in our home office and stores fabric, wrapping accessories and jars of buttons and ribbons. It's the perfect storage solution as it reminds you what you have, everything is easily accessible and essential surface space is kept clear.


Follow Maison Bailey on Pinterest for more home office ideas on-the-go.

Necklace Storage

Free-standing hooks have become the new jewellery box in recent years - they not only display your favourite necklaces so you remember what you have, but they're great for grab-and-go mornings. There are lots of stylish takes on the trend, from shabby chic to modern copper.

While I love these pretty solutions, I still find they take up essential getting ready space and are partial to a topple or two. To avoid this but retain the concept, I purchased a wall hook in the Cox & Cox sale and fixed it to my bedroom wall. Space is saved, tangles are avoided - plus it makes a pretty wall feature out of your necklaces:


Divide your necklaces onto three hooks:

1. Statements (space for bulky jewels)

2. Regulars (go-to favourites that work with most outfits)

3. Others (when you fancy a change)

For more jewellery storage ideas, take a look at my Bedroom board on Pinterest.

Control Your Remotes

I'm a firm believer in simple tricks that make a BIG difference to HomeLife.

We've spent a number of evenings desperately hunting for our remote controls when all we want to do after a busy day is flop and zonk in front of our favourite show (currently: me - Bake Off. L - The Strain.)

Quick Trick: Simply store all your remotes in a basket. It's that simple. We went for wicker to add a relaxed, rustic feel to our living room, stored close-to-hand underneath our coffee table. 


Different size baskets are a nice variation, giving a home to other living room essentials such as cables, blankets and spare tealights.