Necklace Storage

Free-standing hooks have become the new jewellery box in recent years - they not only display your favourite necklaces so you remember what you have, but they're great for grab-and-go mornings. There are lots of stylish takes on the trend, from shabby chic to modern copper.

While I love these pretty solutions, I still find they take up essential getting ready space and are partial to a topple or two. To avoid this but retain the concept, I purchased a wall hook in the Cox & Cox sale and fixed it to my bedroom wall. Space is saved, tangles are avoided - plus it makes a pretty wall feature out of your necklaces:


Divide your necklaces onto three hooks:

1. Statements (space for bulky jewels)

2. Regulars (go-to favourites that work with most outfits)

3. Others (when you fancy a change)

For more jewellery storage ideas, take a look at my Bedroom board on Pinterest.