My Month In... June

This year is flying by! Here are my favourite moments from June:


The month kicked off with our first family staycation to Penzance. An extremely kind friend of the family offered up her apartment for a week, which has the most spectacular view over the marina. We've never explored Cornwall properly and were so impressed - the beaches, cafes, shops, scenery, locals... amazing. To top it off, we had some friends join us for a couple of days, including one of my bestie's 3-month-old daughter, F. We had a couple of very amusing mornings where J & F would hold hands and chat to each other. Very adorable. J also treated us to a number of 'firsts', from his first "dada" to his first taste of solid food. Which leads me onto...

2. Weaning

Not much more to say here other than J loves food! His favourite tastes so far are apple, banana, butternut squash and sweet potato. His face when he tried broccoli for the first time was a picture - a look I'll never forget-!

3. Family Wedding

It's very rare we get to dress up as a family - mostly due to the high likelihood of getting covered in baby drool. L's cousin got married this month and it was a real treat to be able to pop on some heels and enjoy some fizz with family.

4. Magazine Moment

My bathroom was featured in the July issue of HomeStyle magazine (out in June). A freelance journalist approached me on Instagram to see if I'd be interested in a photoshoot and I jumped at the chance - she was so lovely and I loved picking her brain about the industry and how it all works behind-the-scenes. Such an honour to be featured and loved every minute.

5. House Shopping

So we recently decided that we'd like to move house. This was a pretty emotional decision to make as we've put so much into refurbishing our home over the last five years but now we have J, we've realised we would like to move further into the countryside and offer him the village life. We've found a new house we love and it needs a bit of work. If it all goes through be prepared for some more before and afters! Very excited.