My Month In... May

The weather wasn't as good as April but May was still magical. Here are my five favourite moments:

1. Wedding Anniversary

L & I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary this month. We received so many lovely cards and gifts from special family & friends - including this personalised vase from Sister S. Absolutely love it! (From Not On The High Street.) To celebrate, the three of us took a trip to...

2. Rome

Spanish Steps all to ourselves.

Spanish Steps all to ourselves.

We've always wanted to go to Rome but never quite managed it before J's arrival. We decided to give a city break with a baby a go and it was fantastic! Hard work (of course!) but J loved all the stimulation - from the art in the Sistine Chapel to his recently adopted Italian Nonna (who took a shine to him in her restaurant where we were having lunch). We walked the ground of gladiators at the Colosseum, toured the Vatican and managed to get the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain all to ourselves at 6.30am (the benefits of having a baby wake you up early!). We stayed in an Airbnb and it was perfect - J could snooze in the early evenings while we relaxed in the living area planning our next day and tucking into some local restaurant takeaway.

3. New Camera

L recently invested in a new camera / hobby - just in time for Rome. I managed to snap Josh looking at L while we were away - it's my favourite photo of him so far as he's smiling at his Papa. Looking forward to more quality photos moving forward as L learns more and more about photography.

4. Eurovision

Ok, so this sounds like a random addition but Eurovision has been a big tradition in my family. We get together and put on a massive feast of nibbles in front of the TV. We chuckle along to the upbeat (and frequently questionable) performances while catching up and toasting Graham Norton's unbeatable one-liners. This year, we pulled countries out a hat and had to dress up and support them on the night. I had Spain, L had the UK and J had Australia. We all thought the UK's entry Lucie Jones did a smashing job (a golden performance, literally!).

4. Instagram Milestone

Really thrilled to reach over 1,000 followers on Instagram - I've 'met' so many lovely people and taken so much home inspiration from this platform. Everyone is so lovely - it's my favourite escape. So many pretty things to look at (especially when I'm up in the early hours with J)!

To see what I've been up to on a daily basis, you can follow me on Instagram here. That's May wrapped up - what were your favourite moments?