My Month In... July

A month of yo-yo weather! Here are my top five July moments:

1. The Big Crawl

J has been desperate to crawl - he's spent weeks planking and face planting. July saw our little chap conquer crawling! As he moved from a-to-b, his face went from frustration to pride with each move. One of the proudest moments I've ever had as a mama. Now to get baby-proofing the house...!

(Excuse the Christmas leggings, I bought them in the sale back in January thinking there would be no way J would fit into them until Christmas 2017. Oh how wrong was I!)

2. Bargain Hunting

I'd pictured July to be pretty much park-based - but mother nature had other ideas! Between downpours, I'd take J around our local charity shops to pick out some new additions for his library. These Little Grey Rabbit books were an absolute bargain. I've been collecting them since I was born, as my parents used to buy me one every birthday. Now I have J, I've handed them down to him and enjoy discovering older editions in charity shops to add to the collection. The stories are adorable and the illustrations really bring them to life. I hope J enjoys them as much as I did.

3. Belated Father's Day

As Papa B was on holiday during last month's Father's Day, we celebrated this month at our family home. It was a wonderful day - we were so busy with the boys we treated ourselves to takeaway pizza. The highlight of the day was popping J and my nephew N in our old toy train, which Papa B / Grampy had upgraded for them to enjoy. The boys' faces when they went for a ride were brilliant - a really special moment for the whole family.

4. House Planning

I've been perusing Pinterest to start planning our next home. As mentioned in my last post, we're in the process of selling / buying so I've started reviewing our rooms and working out what elements I'd like to do again and other styles and layouts I want to try. It feels quite overwhelming but I'm extremely excited about it and can't wait to share my next journey on here as well as on my Instagram.

5. Bestie Time

Since having J, life's been pretty hectic. I recently realised that ensuring a bit of me-time at the weekend (even if it's just for an hour) is the best thing for my mind - a quick break to reflect and give myself some time out. I also think it's a good thing for L to have some solo time with J, who loves going swimming with his papa! Everyone's a winner. Last weekend I turned my me-time into some well overdue bestie time - we enjoyed a spa treatment together followed by some hot tubbing. As you can see, we weren't going to let the rain stop us! I felt amazing afterwards and ready to enjoy a new week. Talking to your best mate is the best therapy. I'm lucky to have an amazing set of friends who J already recognises when they visit. Having a baby demands so much time - any friend who is understanding of this will be a mate for life. I really am lucky.

What were your favourite July moments?