Vino. Couch. Remote.


Casa Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre chardonnay - a Chilean white with 'subtle lime notes... a lively acidity and a long persistent finish.' This bottle featured on our wedding tables and we're still enjoying a couple of leftover bottles now. Goes perfectly with a bowl of Haribo.


House of CardsYou'll no doubt have seen it already or heard people talk about this hugely popular, award-winning Netflix series. An adaptation of the BBC's mini series and based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, this political drama launched in 2013. Set in present-day Washington DC, the story follows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) a democrat from South Carolina and House Majority Whip who ends up hatching a dark plan with his wife Claire (Robin Wright) to seize ultimate power in the White House.

It's an odd feeling truly despising a TV series' lead characters - but Frank and Claire are two of the most cold, power-hungry individuals ever to hit the silver screen. Now and again you see a glimmer of humanity start to emerge - but then you're quickly reminded it's all connected with self gain. It makes a great post-work programme as you desperately watch each episode in the hope their plan will be uncovered and justice will be served. But so far - they seem to be doing (un)fairly well...

SPOILER ALERT: Here's the trailer for the most recent series (4). If you're yet to familiarise yourself with Frank, spark up Netflix and get watching - as there's a new series already due for release in 2017.

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