Vino. Couch. Remote.


Dino Veneto Pinot Grigio - a crisp Sicilian white, with a 'delicate peach flavour and dry lemon finish'. The perfect glass to unwind with after a long day.

*I was unable to locate my exact pair of joggers on the NEXT website but these are similar. I bought them a few weeks ago so they should most likely still be in stock (also available in khaki green).


Cold Feet. After hearing that this iconic British TV series was set for a comeback in 2016, I decided to buy the box set to refresh my memory. I was eleven when it first came out in 1997, so I don't remember watching it religiously, but it's been something I've wanted to watch in full for ages. L wasn't too interested in this revisit so it's my go-to choice when he's working late.

Following the lives of 3 couples (who are all friends) in Manchester, the series is extremely entertaining (thanks mostly to James Nesbitt's character - Adam) but in other places, realistically raw. The script confronts the highs and lows of relationships head on - from affairs to infertility. You love all the characters - Adam & Rachel, Pete & Jenny, David & Karen. (Karen has to be my favourite - her dry humour and facepalm frustration with husband David is brilliant).

I also love how 90s it is, from the fashion to the technology. With that in mind, here's when Adam meets Rachel for the first time - reminding us all of the time when not everyone had a mobile phone:

Love 90s shows as much as me? Take a look at the below VCRs for some more inspiration...