Vino. Couch. Remote.


Albastrele Chardonnay 2013 - A 'rich and well balanced' white from Moldova.  Apple and creamy peach aromas combined with citrus and apricot tastes make this vino a wine rack regular.


Modern Family. - The best TV comedy series to be exported from the US since Friends. It follows three very different families, who are related via The Pritchetts - Jay and his adult children - Claire and Mitchell. Its wit and characterisation means there's no need for dramatic storylines, so you simply sit back and frequently chuckle at Phil's optimistic projects or Cam's "How could you, Mitchell!?'-s. Each episode is perfectly timed at approximately 22 mins, so it makes great viewing for short-lived weeknights (or you could just watch a whole series back-to-back at the weekend with friends, chip & dip).

Phil Dunphy (Claire's husband) is one of my favourite characters. He is always trying to be a 'cool dad' by coming up with new inventions such as the HeadScratcher, by devoting his entire weekend to making a duck farm, as well as accepting pizza delivery in his pants and socks. This one's for you Phil:

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