Vino. Couch. Remote.


Prosecco Salatin Valdobbiadene Superiore - A fresh and floral fizz with flavours of apple, peach and rose petals. Supposedly great with fish or poultry, I found it went quite nicely with Wine Gums.


Come Dine With Me. A group of strangers are thrown together by Channel 4 and take it in turns to host a dinner party. With £1,000 at stake and wine constantly flowing, you can guess why this makes easily digestible (and highly entertaining) TV. Running since 2005, contestants have become increasingly bonkers over the years - with the food taking second place to the dinner table dramas. It's great viewing when you've had a manic day and just want to switch off with some fizz.

Here's one of my favourite clips - when one host actually decided to serve his sushi off a half-naked man lying on his dinner table. (An attempted nod to the Japanese practice of nyotaimori, where sushi was served on the naked bodies of geishas during the samurai period. But perhaps not as effective in 21st century Bristol...) 

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