My Month In... March

March has been my favourite month of 2017 so far - here's why:

1.  alertness

J is now out of the newborn phase and with that, his alertness has rocketed. He recognises certain people, goes to grab toys, takes in his surroundings so much more and enjoys quietly watching me as I clear up his toys or pick out his outfit for the day. His character is starting to emerge too, which is a thrill to watch. Every day something changes - whether it's longer eyelashes (thanks to his dad!) or a new noise (he's currently making a baby dinosaur noise when he gets excited).

2. Mother's day

Sister S and I were lucky enough to celebrate our first Mother's Day together as new mums. The sun was shining so we went for a park stroll before tucking into a Sunday roast with our boys. Mama B was away at a wedding so we took her for a seafood lunch earlier in the week. I couldn't be a new mum without her - she's been incredible. For the story behind the photo above, take a look here.

3. spring sunshine

The biggest lesson I've learnt so far is that taking a baby outdoors is so much easier than trying to entertain them indoors. Spring couldn't have come at a better time as J is starting to need more stimulation during the day now he's taking in more. While I love the classes we're signed up to, going for walks in the spring sunshine is free, will help me shift my baby weight (!) and there's so much to stimulate J. Everyone's a winner.

4. keep rollin' rollin' rollin'

J rolled for the first time this month - from front to back. He isn't rolling regularly yet but this was a huge milestone. I am one proud mama.

5. holiday planning

This month we worked out our holiday plans for the year so we have some quality family time to look forward to. While we enjoy our evenings and weekends together, there's something about getting away that makes it extra special. We're off to France next month for a wedding (J's first flight-!) followed by a trip to Rome for our anniversary. We've also got some staycations organised with family and friends as there's so many baby-friendly places we're yet to explore on home soil. I can't wait.

Get a closer look at what I've been up to in March over on my Instagram. What were your favourite March moments?