My Month In... February

Spring has finally arrived! Here's a look back at my favourite things from chilly February:

1. New Nephew

Earlier this month Sister S gave birth to adorable N and I'm completely in love with him. I'm now an Auntie! I still can't quite believe we both had our first baby within weeks of each other. And boys too! J & N will be in the same school year! Not to mention how fantastic it is to have my sister on maternity leave the same time as me. Looking forward to all the day trips and FaceTimes from now onwards.

2. Valentine's Day

This year I received two cards from my two boys, L & J. As it was our first as a family, L & I decided to skip gifts this year and spend the money on a Deliveroo. An evening involving no cooking or cleaning up was gift in itself when you're busy with a little one. We managed to get J to snooze in his sling long enough to enjoy the meal, while we caught up over candles. 

3. Six Nations

As a rugby family, it was a big moment to enjoy our first Six Nations with J! Sporting his official England shirt from Sister S & Uncle G, he actually enjoyed watching the matches! I'm not sure if he's taking much in but he gurgles a lot at the screen. Seriously cute.

4. New Classes

Sorry it's another baby one but it's what I've been up to-! J & I tried out Mummy & Me yoga and it's so much fun! A chance to stretch out my aching back and arms while J looks up at me giggling. He's pretty zonked by the end of it (as you can see!), embracing the relaxation side a little too much-! J also started his swimming class this month. He's only on his third lesson but he already loves it, even the underwater dips! I got his first smile in the pool this week as he looked up at me from his float while we were swimming around. A big mummy moment for me.

5. Early Nights

Having a baby has meant a pretty hefty lifestyle change, especially when it comes to our evenings. We've started to introduce an evening routine for J so he starts to understand night and day a bit more. While we're not strict with it (as he's only just 12 weeks) he does love being put down after his evening bath now. While I'd love to use my evening addressing all the niggling house tasks that I can't sort when I have my hands full with J in the day, I've quickly learnt that sleep takes priority, so I regularly sleep when J does.

Get a closer look at what I've been up to in February over on Instagram. What were your favourite February moments?