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Acaballo Shiraz Carmenere 2014, Chile. A rich and spicy deep plum red that will warm your cockles on a winter's evening.


The Affair. - I'm going to put this out there: this is the most addictive TV drama series I've ever watched. Struggling novelist Noah (played by Dominic West) meets a young waitress, Alison (Ruth Wilson), while holidaying with his wife Helen (Maura Tierney) and his four kids. Alison is struggling with her marriage to Cole (Joshua Jackson) following the freak death of their four-year-old son. As they embark on a passionate love affair, you begin to think this is a pretty pedestrian plot. But here's the twist: each episode is divided into Noah's recollection, followed by Alison's. Both are similar - but slightly different. Noah positions Alison to be a siren luring him into infidelity via tight dresses and suggestive glances, while Alison leads us to believe in Noah's unfaltering pursuit of her. You're not quite sure who to believe. Why does it matter? - Because these recollections form the basis of a murder investigation. You don't know whether they're suspects or helping with police enquiries, but their separate testaments don't match up.

Series 2 is even better, with both Helen and Cole's perspectives being thrown into the mix. With the four main actors having shows including The Wire, Luther, ER and Dawson's Creek under their belts, it's no surprise the acting is first class. Plus it's got a killer intro song:

Airing on Sky Atlantic (UK) and Showtime (US), this Golden Globe-winning series is definitely worth a watch. (N.B.  appropriate for adults only as it's pretty raunchy in places!) Here's the pivotal scene from series 1: Noah meets Alison:

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