Vino. Couch. Remote.


Hangin' Snakes 2012 Shiraz Viognier, Barossa Valley, Australia. This red made an appearance at our wedding - every now and again we treat ourselves to a bottle. Bright purple in colour, its taste is like 'sweet fruited summer berries... with white pepper, herbs and a hint of stone fruit.' It's one of the nicest reds we've ever had.


Scandal. - A US drama / thriller series about a former White House Communications Director (Olivia Pope) who starts her own crisis management firm. Starring Kerry Washington as Pope and Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant, the series begins with the ultimate scandal: the pair are embroiled in a passionate love affair (Grant is married). Now on series 5, every episode presents Pope with problems to fix, usually on behalf of high powered politicians or friends who need a favour. Offering a mix of murder, love triangles and politics - it's definitely one to switch on when you want to switch off. The best bit? That no matter how her day goes, Pope always manages to find time to enjoy a glass of red wine on her sofa (now what sort of person would do a thing like that?...).

Scandal airs on abc in the US, Sky Living in the UK.

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