Vino. Couch. Remote.


Whispering Jack Chardonnay 2014 - A medium bodied dry white from South Africa. Its crisp taste includes lime zest and tangerine notes, making it a refreshing alternative during a cosy night in if you don't fancy red.


Peep Show. - A TV series following the sad but brilliant lives of flatmates Mark and Jeremy. It's an all-access pass to their amusing yet disturbing minds as they bumble through life getting into awkward situations. This was our go-to box set at university for its easy watching and incredible one-liners. In 2010, it became the longest running comedy series on C4 (its first episode aired in 2003). Now in its final series, the El Dude Brothers are taking their last bow - but not before they've given us one last trip down Cringeworthy Alley. Perfect viewing if you're looking to laugh and forget about life's stresses - because no matter how bad your day might have been - you can find comfort in the knowledge that it likely couldn't have been as bad as Mark's.

(N.B. It's near to impossible to find a clip without swear words in (!) so I've found one which uses less of them...):

If you love to laugh, check out Modern Family - another iconic comedy series (which is much more family friendly than Peep Show-!).