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La Fontana Vecchia Sauvignon Blanc 2014 - A pale lemon Romanian white. Fresh and tangy due to its 'ripe citrus fruit and herbaceous character'. My verdict: It went down rather nicely!



Masterchef Australia. Forget the British version - this is 10 times better. Finalists compete in tasks individually, with the top three put through to competing for an immunity pin (a get out of jail free card ). The bottom three go into a pressure test - which is usually to recreate an intimidating dessert - after which the loser leaves the competition. The series continues like this until a winner is crowned. The three judges - Gary, George & Matt - are fantastic mentors and offer masterclass episodes, so the finalists - and viewers - get to learn about food in detail. Highly recommended for anyone who loves cooking - or just food!

Here's an interview with the 2015 winner, Billie McKay - who was offered a job at Heston Blumenthal's restaurant, The Fat Duck, after she impressed him in the final:

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