Alicia Florrick's Dining Room: The Good Wife

1. Botanical prints, £20 each.

2. Chandelier, £331.60.

3. Wall lights, £43.20 and £16.

4. Two seater sofa, £549.

5. Cushion fabric, £33.50/m.

6. Mahogany dining table.

7. Mahogany dining chairs.

8. Rug, £161.49.

9. Table lamp, £85. 

10. Floor, £34.58/sq m.

The Good Wife is a legal and political drama series set in Chicago, which follows the life and career of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies). The series kicked off in 2009 with Alicia's husband, Peter (Chris Noth), State's Attorney of Cook County Illinois, being involved in a sex and corruption scandal - and faces jail time. Alicia must now provide for her family, so returns to work as a litigator in a law firm. Now in its seventh and final series, I'm sure going to miss it - not just for the clever storylines but Alicia's seriously sophisticated Chicago apartment. No matter what her day's been like, the last thing she does is relax with a glass of red in her kitchen.

Here's a recap of Season 1 for all those who love it as much as I do (if you haven't watched it before and plan to, maybe give this a swerve as it gives a fair amount away!):

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