key hooks

Key Hooks

This simple IKEA hack will make your homelife so much easier. No more lost keys or misplaced grab-and-go essentials. Simply fix hooks underneath an IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge (only £4.50), fix it to a wall and voilá!

Its depth is shallow enough not to worry about bumping into it as you dash by, plus its hallway location offers L the perfect spot to place his daily necessities: watch, wallet, travel card and change for coffee, ensuring nothing is forgotten pre-exit. While most of my essentials stay in my handbag, I like to keep a to-do list and a pen here as it reminds me of plans, projects, bills and birthdays as I walk by.



Ensure the shelf doesn't look out of place by adding a picture or mirror above it. We have a wedding venue print my sister S gave us, as we have our mirror nearer to our front door where there's better light.

Safety shout-out: Avoid placing keys and precious items right next to doors and windows as they can be spotted and grabbed by the wrong people looking for opportunities! We keep ours much further back into our hallway.

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