My Top 10

Quick Tricks is one of my favourite sections of Maison Bailey as they are the epitome of what it's all about: home ideas for busy people. I only share the tricks I really love and use time and time again in the hope that you find them just as useful too.

Excluding the ones I've already shared with you e.g. paint pot trick, spice labels, getting ready zones, etc, I thought I'd do a quick fire round up of my top 10 new tricks I've been using the most in recent months:

1. perfume dish

Keeps all your scents together, plus it looks pretty.

2. Bulldog clip cable organiser

Not the prettiest of solutions but it's worth it for the extra time you save not faffing around hunting for cables behind furniture etc (especially with a bulging baby bump).

3. Pinboard

Place in your most walked-through part of the house. Perfect place for reminders.

4. Iron wall storage

Also the perfect place for bags for life. Grab one from IKEA for just £4.

5. Lipstick box storage

Next time you receive a cute gift box, use it to store your lipsticks in, whether in a drawer or on your dressing table. While you can get specialist lipstick storage products (like this) I find my lipsticks always topple over like dominoes in them - plus they're a huge dust collector.

6. Memory jar

A place to store special tickets, gift tags, notes etc. Why not display it in your living area as a regular reminder of happy times?

7. Card storage

I buy so many cards during the year - I love sending pretty things in the post, especially when people aren't expecting anything. I store them in a pretty gift box rather than shove them in a drawer to be forgotten.

8. Microchip cat feeder

When you have more than one cat, this makes life much easier. The feeder only opens for one specific cat based on reading its microchip. This is particularly useful if your cats eat different types of food e.g. adult vs senior. While we no longer have Elvis with us (miss him so much), we're still keeping Mog's feeder as it prevents next door's cats venturing inside when we have the french doors open on a hot day. Mog 'doesn't share food'.

9. Coffee table tray

Keeps things neat and helps avoid mug marks on your coffee table top.

10. Tealight basket

Located down the side of a sofa, including a lighter. Quick access for living room candles. Much easier than venturing to a kitchen cupboard. (Not recommended if you have kids!)

Do you have any Quick Tricks you use time and time again? I'd love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter.