Kitchen Booth


One of my favourite Pinterest finds during our refurb was the idea to add an L-shape kitchen booth to maximise seating space. We hired a carpenter to create the structure, with the seats lifting upwards to reveal extra storage (really useful for cat litter, kitchen roll, spare tins, cans, etc).

We handled the painting to save money, then hired a professional upholsterer to create the bespoke seating cushions (I would have loved to have made them myself but my skills aren't up to scratch just yet-!). I opted for neutral stripe fabric, adding colour with statement cushions.


The 'medium' rating for this project is down to the amount of stages involved. However if you organise a carpenter and upholsterer, the most time you'll personally spend will be on painting and selecting your fabric and cushions. While it's not the cheapest project, it is replacing a number of chairs so it's a similar investment. It also adds subtle storage, which chairs don't offer. We're planning to add a circular bistro table as it won't take up too much floor space (plus we have our dining room/table for larger events).

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Star Lights


Star curtain lights have been shooting across my Pinterest news feed in recent weeks, with many people opting to place them in their kitchen windows. I love this idea as it adds some sparkle while keeping essential kitchen surface space free for cooking, baking and entertaining.

Simply purchase a set of these and hook them to the back of a roman blind (if you don't have a blind, a lot of people buy these alongside their amazon purchase). And there you have it - a quick and simple way to add some festive lights to your home without breaking the bank.


Make sure a plug socket is nearby before hanging!

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