Snowflake Gingerbread Cookies


There's something about Christmas that makes me want to bake. I guess it's the cold weather outside, mixed with the fact that calories don't count in December (right?).

One Sunday morning, my sister S (the baker of the family) and I decided to put this Pinterest pin / recipe to the test, opting for golden syrup over molasses (because who has molasses to hand?!).

Scroll down for my top tips...


  • Golden syrup is a great alternative to molasses in this recipe
  • Much easier with an electric whisk! S and I had to play tag with the wooden spoon...
  • Difficulty rating is medium due to the absence of an electric whisk, plus the recipe quantities produce a lot of snowflakes - so it's tricky getting them all baked while finding enough cooling racks-!
  • Make sure you stock up on baking paper and have a couple of cooling racks at the ready
  • Don't forget icing sugar for decoration (best applied with a piping bag)

Will you be baking this Christmas? See what I've been pinning to my Food board if you're in need of some inspiration!