DIY Glitter Baubles

I love Christmas crafting during November as it gets me in the festive mood without going OTT too soon. When December dawns, I prefer to relax / eat / watch Christmas movies, knowing any homemade decorations and gifts are all taken care of. (My onions are already pickling! - Now's also a good time to get going on your Christmas cake or pudding if you're making one.)

Homemade glitter baubles have been brightening up my Pinterest feed in recent weeks, so I decided to give them a go. Not only because they look pretty but are super simple to make. You just need to order a few bits during the week and you've got a fun Christmas craft project you can enjoy for a couple of hours one weekend.






Colour-wise you can go for anything you like! The above list covers the colours I wanted to try: multi-coloured glitter with silver and green accents.


  1. Fill up your baubles with the glitter, confetti and cut-up lametta
  2. Replace the bauble string with a pretty nylon cord bow

- And you're DONE! Here's some pics of the process:


  • Use a funnel for the glitter otherwise it gets pretty messy! Make sure the funnel fits into your bauble before filling it!
  • Make sure to split up the lametta strands before feeding them into the baubles, as they have a tendency to clump and you want that structure inside
  • Give your bauble a good shake afterwards, ensuring your finger is on the top-!
  • Check your tops are fixed properly - you don't want them coming off, spilling glitter everywhere!
  • You don't have to put them on your tree - I'm planning to hang mine from my staircase bannister amongst fairy lights. You could also pop them in a glass lantern to create a Christmas table centrepiece, or use them as additions to your Christmas wrapping as an extra gift (be careful though as they're delicate).


Super easy, not too costly and they look pretty professional at the end!

For more Christmas craft ideas, take a look at my Christmas Pinterest board.


Glitter Animals

Difficulty Rating: Easy (But Messy)

While on the hunt for some cake topper ideas for my Mary Berry Christmas cake, I stumbled across these glitzy animal toppers on Pinterest. Simply purchase a tube of these, apply PVA glue with a paint brush and sprinkle glitter over them! 

Scroll down for my top tips...


  • Safety shout-out: While the glitter is non toxic, it's not for use by children under 3 years.
  • Beware - this is glitter we're dealing with. It goes everywhere! Make sure this DIY happens on a wipe-clean surface.
  • 3-4 will be joining these trees on top of my Christmas cake. I'll be making sure to brush any excess glitter off my icing before serving!
  • I'll be using the remaining herd as gift tag accessories and decorations on my dining room bookshelves to add some sparkle.
  • If you want to keep it more rustic, simply add glitter to specific parts of your animals e.g. antlers or hooves.
  • Toy manufacturer Safari Ltd offers many other themed animal Toobs from around the world. I went for North American wildlife as I really wanted a moose on my cake (the name of Mama & Papa B's new labrador) - as it's his first Christmas with us. Rainforest, coral reef, mythical - so many Toobs are available for different cakes and crafts! You can even get arctic animals (for an arctic roll or an icy-looking baked Alaska) - perfect for this time of year.

Keep an eye on Maison Bailey the week before Christmas to see these sparkly characters in action. For more festive cake topper ideas, check out my Christmas board on Pinterest.