DIY Corkboard


Difficulty Rating: Easy

Last year, I stumbled across this DIY wine cork pinboard. Up to this point, we'd been saving, signing and dating special fizz and wine corks that we'd shared with friends to record a happy memory e.g. new nephew, bestie's 30th, wedding fizz. This DIY was the inspiration I was looking for - simple to do and so useful! It's been on my Rainy Day Projects list for a while and it's finally complete!


  • Buy a cheap box picture frame (mine was from IKEA)
  • Remove the glass
  • Glue gun corks straight into it (keep them tight)

That's it!

All you need: box picture frame (glass removed), corks & a glue gun.

All you need: box picture frame (glass removed), corks & a glue gun.

Top Tips:

  • Glue the top of the corks to the base, as I found the bottom of the corks are better for putting pins in
  • With this in mind, sign the base of the corks, not the top! (Sharpies are the best for this.)
  • This project requires a lot of corks! I thought we had a fair amount but when they're glued closely together, they don't take up much room! You don't want a tiny corkboard either so build up your cork collection before beginning this project. Mama B, Papa B & Sister S helped contribute - it's nice to have some corks unsigned to avoid your corkboard looking too busy.

Take a look at another pinboard how-to here.

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