Baby Gender Reveal Cakes

A popular trend at the moment is baby gender reveal parties, where parents-to-be ask the person doing their scan to write the baby's gender down and pop it into an envelope. They then give the envelope (without looking in it) to a baker, who makes a cake covered in white icing. Inside is either blue or pink icing/sponge to represent the gender of their expected arrival. Parents invite loved ones over for a party, where they cut the cake and all find out together. Just like this:

I think this is a lovely idea - but for our first, L and I wanted to keep it a bit more personal and find out on our own (together) during the scan. We do have a plan to reveal our baby's gender this week though (keep an eye on Instagram!) - but to make the run-up fun, I decided to keep with the cake theme and bake some blue and pink cakes this past weekend.

We love lemon cakes so followed this recipe. Here's how it went...





I am most definitely not one for finesse when it comes to decorating (as you can see!). But these tasted AMAZING (which is the main thing, right?).


Really easy recipe - and more shareable than a whole lemon drizzle cake. 


  • As per the recipe, don't over-mix before popping in the oven.
  • Also, don't overcook them - follow the recipe but keep an eye on them.
  • A 'cake tester' is not only handy for checking your cakes are cooked through, but you can use it to prick holes into your cakes to drizzle your lemon mixture into afterwards.
  • Use red food colouring sparingly to create PINK icing!
  • Bake on the day of your gender reveal! (Or the day before - still equally tasty).
  • Keep some spare for the grandparents, aunts and uncles-to-be.
  • You can also use them to announce on FaceTime to family and friends e.g. a plate with a pink and blue cake on, then the father-to-be feeds mama the appropriate colour. (Plus the mama gets cake - everyone wins.)

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