Unicorn Biscuits

Difficulty Rating: Medium

You might have noticed, but the world has fallen in love with unicorns. From sprinkle shakers to onesies, they're everywhere. Unicorn biscuits / cookies have been popping up on my Pinterest feed for a few years now - so I decided to give them a go.

Rather than find a recipe, I decided to go with my favourite childhood biscuit recipe: iced spice biscuits - taken from a childhood cookbook that sister S and I used to cook from with Mama B in the late 80s / early 90s. I'm no baker, especially not on the same level as Pinterest bakers, so I decided to have some fun, get creative and not worry too much about it being perfect. After all, what's the point of cooking a childhood recipe if the results aren't a bit rough around the edges? 



Recipe from our childhood cookbook.

Recipe from our childhood cookbook.


Unicorn legs / horns are VERY fiddly! I had to rebuild most of the legs, hence their slightly wonky appearance! I can see why some opt for baking only the heads.

Have fun with them - it's all about being a big kid. Find a nostalgic recipe, stock up on hundreds and thousands and off you go!

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