Bonfire Night Invites

There's something about seasonal crafts that make me feel like a big kid. I guess it's because my primary school really embraced the creative side of seasonal events - from Easter bonnets to DIY Christmas crackers.

This particular Pinterest Project came from an image that stood out in my home feed as it brought back a strong sense of nostalgia: rainbow scratch art!

Difficulty rating: Easy



We used to colour in an entire piece of A4 paper with as many bright colours as possible, then used a waxy black crayon to completely cover it. We'd then scratch firework designs onto the black crayon, allowing the bright colours to come through.

However I do remember this craft being particularly time consuming (and I'm all about saving time!), so when I came across this in a local shop I grabbed a packet...

There's some amazing bonfire night party ideas on Pinterest (my favourites can be found here) so I decided to combine the two:


Using the rainbow scratch kit, simply scratch in your designs with party details and write on the back any finer details e.g. location, RSVP, etc. So simple, so quick and extremely nostalgic for any friends and family that remember this bonfire night craft.


All you need is the kit - you can purchase a number of versions on Amazon like this one. (Mine came with stencils but I didn't use them.)

You can also turn any leftover paper into dinner table place cards, if you decide to host a bonfire dinner party (which I think I might try next year...):

There you have it!


If you buy the kit, your invites will literally take you minutes depending on the complexity of your design and how many people you're inviting. If you're looking for a craft that'll take up a couple of hours to keep the kids busy, you can make the black rainbow paper yourself.

Lots of fun - for both kids and big kids.

What other crafts do you remember from primary school? I'd love to hear them!