My Month In... September


Autumn has arrived! I love this month - any excuse to light a candle, snuggle under a blanket and heat up the hot chocolate. Here are my September snapshots:


We spent a week visiting close friends / attending events either side of a greatly anticipated trip to Center Parcs. The week consisted of two weddings, one new baby visit and five entertaining days in CP, where we stayed with a bestie, her husband and their baby girl who's only three months younger than J. It was such a wonderful trip - we bought the babies pool floats and they adored them! J's face floating around the indoor lagoon aboard an inflatable frog was one of the best moments to witness as a parent. Pure joy!

2. The Big Move

We have officially moved house! While it was an emotional departure from our dearly loved home, we know it's the right decision for us. I'm so excited to get my teeth into a new house project, which will give J a bit more space both inside and out. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter for daily house progress. 

3. The Lakes


We enjoyed a wonderful week in the stunning South Lakes with my family. It was J's first trip there and as I've been holidaying to this area since I was little, it was a special moment for me as a mama (and as a family). He absolutely loved it - from a walk to see a waterfall to a visit to the World of Beatrix Potter - he was constantly smiling. Spending quality time with my nephew N was also a real treat. He's only eight weeks younger than J - it was extremely entertaining seeing them enjoy their meals together and play around with each other's toys. L managed to get some spectacular shots of the area we were staying in with his drone (an example above!) - some great snaps for the family album. Can't wait to go back next year!

4. Speech


Josh is now 10 months old (can't believe it!). We've enjoyed many firsts so far this year but one of the biggest happened in September: his speech. He's been saying 'dada' and 'mama' for a while now but he's only recently been properly associating the words with L and I. Another amazing moment has been the recent addition of 'Nana' when looking at Nana B. Our hearts melted when that happened as it shows just how much he's been taking in over the last few months. A major milestone accomplished that's only going to get better and better. (Photo above: J helping me pack for our holiday!)

5. Autumn


The transition of summer to autumn during September is unbeatable - it's like getting all hot and bothered indoors and heading outside for some fresh air. You feel like you can breathe a bit easier and get some clarity on things. This is why I love September - the start of a new term for everyone.

Those were my top five moments of the month, what were yours?