My Month In... October

I think everyone felt the temperature drop in October from cool to chilly. This, combined with my ever expanding baby bump, meant a lot of indoor house projects. - But we also made an effort to enjoy a few pre-baby trips that might not happen again for a long while(!). Here's what I got up to this October:

1. Crafting & Baking

L has been a star and re-painted some rooms over the weekends, while I used my limited mobility (Baby L is now the size of a honeydew melon-!) to bake and craft in between resting. Here are my favourites:

2. NCT

L and I started our NCT antenatal course to learn more about labour and childcare (as Baby L is our first!) - but also to meet local parents-to-be who are due roughly the same time as us. It's nice to feel like you're going through the process together, while expanding your local friendship network. We've found it so helpful, I'd definitely recommend it to any new parents-to-be.

3. Aladdin

L surprised me with a trip to see Aladdin the musical in London's Prince Edward Theatre. I'm a big fan of both Disney and musicals so this couldn't have been a better treat for me. It was spectacular! While the songs and acting were impressive (especially the Genie), it was the set and effects that really stood out. The theatre seats weren't their normal red but had been covered in purple fabric (!), the Cave of Wonders was exactly how you'd imagine it to be, plus the magic carpet actually flew around the stage (L and I couldn't work out how they were doing it, it was that good).

4. Christmas Prep

I've always wanted to go to Liberty's world-famous Christmas shop (it has its own floor!) and as my commute to London will be stopping soon, I took the opportunity to visit it with L one night after work. It was the most colour-coordinated, glittery treasure trove I've ever been in. We bought Baby L his first bauble here, which I thought was a nice memory to make. Here are my favourite snaps:

5. Grey's Anatomy

We completely missed this boat 10 years ago - but are now addicted! We tend to squeeze in a couple of episodes most evenings if we're not busy. If you haven't seen it, it's all about the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors at Seattle Grace Hospital. Featuring Patrick Dempsey (aka 'McDreamy'), Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl, I now get what all the fuss was about-! I quite like that the early episodes look a bit dated now - although I heard ABC renewed it for a 13th season, which aired in September. One of the biggest storylines is the private relationship between Derek & Meredith:

With 10 more series to go, this is most definitely my go-to series for A/W 2016.

What did you get up to in October? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter.