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Nursery Tour

Preparing Baby L's nursery has been a really fun project for L and I during my pregnancy. Once we knew everything was looking ok, we relaxed more and started to work out how we'd transform our spare room. Being first-time parents, we took on a lot of advice from parent-friends & family in terms of essentials - but also went with our taste when it came to look and feel. We wanted to create a space that looked light and fresh in the daytime but comfy and cosy at night. And most importantly: FUN!

I found planning the nursery similar to getting ready for Christmas-! A fair bit of prep work mixed with lots of excitement! L and I are quite organised people - I knew I'd want everything sorted before 35 weeks as you never know how you're going to feel by this stage (and how much energy you'll have!). Plus, if Baby L arrived early, I'd feel better knowing the important bits were in place.

Now in week 36, we're confident we have the essentials (Moses basket, car seat, changing table, nappies, muslins, baby monitor, baby grows, etc) and can now start focusing on the upcoming birth - as well as making the most of our last few weeks of sleep and relaxation (!).

Hope you enjoy the tour...


Neutral spare room, which was quickly becoming a dumping ground for random objects e.g. golf clubs, sleeping bags!

Neutral spare room, which was quickly becoming a dumping ground for random objects e.g. golf clubs, sleeping bags!



Blackout nursery curtains:  Full details here .

Blackout curtains: full details here.

Walls: Pavilion Gray, Farrow & Ball. We chose this colour before we knew we were having a boy, deciding that this shade looks light in the daytime and cosy in the evening. We planned to add brighter colours via artwork and accessories.


Nursing chair / zone: This was my Auntie's chair which I had recovered with a print both my Sister S and I liked (S loves giraffes and I love flamingos). The covers are removable so washing is easy. I also added an elephant table made by my Grandad to keep a light on for night time feeds, plus a place to put drinks etc. A belly basket also provides some storage for muslins and blankets. I also added an extra cushion for comfort - a Roald Dahl Willy Wonka one!

Chair: This was my Auntie's nursing chair & footstool, which glides back and forth (it's the most relaxing thing ever). I had the cushions re-covered with a print both my Sister S and I liked (S loves giraffes and I love flamingos) - just in case she also wants to use it in the future. The pattern also ensures the slightest mark doesn't show up much, plus the new covers are removable so washing is easy.

Cushion: An extra cushion should I need it. This Roald Dahl Willy Wonka cushion was a bargain find at Homesense. I'll also likely be using my maternity cushion to help with feeds (this one has been a godsend so far).

Side table: My Grandad was a woodwork magician. I feel very lucky to have this special piece of furniture he made a long time ago - an elephant side table (full picture here).  It's the perfect place for a lamp to help with night-time feeds, as well as somewhere to put a drink. It's a fun addition that doesn't take up too much room and means so much to me. 

Sea grass belly basket: Storage for muslins and blankets should I need to grab them. Its shape and softness also makes it easy to squeeze into a corner and avoids toe stubbing-! From Etsy.


Cotbed: Although it won't be used for a while, we wanted to get this in place so we could work out the layout. Plus it came as a deal with the matching changing table. We went for S ilvercross Nostalgia  as it has three base positions that will grow with Baby L, becomes a bed when he's a toddler, baby-safe teething rails and a storage drawer underneath.

Cot bed: Although Baby L will be in his Moses basket at first, we wanted to get his cot bed in place so we could work out the nursery layout. (Plus it came as a deal with the matching changing table.) We went for Silvercross Nostalgia as it has three base positions that will grow with Baby L, becomes a bed when he's a toddler, baby-safe teething rails and a storage drawer underneath. Plus we just liked the design - classic but not too fussy.

Artwork: We wanted some colourful artwork on the wall for when he's older. I wanted to add some playful nods to Disney so opted for this Hakuna Matata print. I think it's a pretty good trouble-free philosophy to start life on...! We found the print on Etsy and framed it with an IKEA frame.

(Baby bag packed and ready to go for our hospital visit! - From Cath Kidston's new Winnie the Pooh range.)

Ewan the Sheep: The must-have sleep aid for babies (apparently). Everyone is raving about it so we're going to give it a go! Features include heartbeat and womb sounds, plus a soothing pink glow. Full details here.

changing station

Changing table: Silvercross Nostalgia to match the cot bed. We went for this one as the changing top can come off so we have a dresser for when Baby L is older. We bought from Mothercare and claimed a discount via price match when John Lewis had a sale on. Silvercross delivers and sets up for you, which is handy.

Changing mat: Mamas and Papas. - They no longer make the star one I have but there's lots of other pretty options.

Nappy bin: Angelcare. Don't forget spare liners!

Blue bin: A separate bin for smelly baby clothes should there be an accident...! (To wash - not to chuck!)

Shelf: We added an IKEA picture rail to the wall to act as a shallow shelf for grab-and-go essentials such as tissues and creams, as well as a Gro-egg (so useful).



Rather than purchase a baby wardrobe, we opted for a built-in, regular wardrobe and added two rails that can be swapped out as Baby L's clothes get bigger! Grey storage boxes are from IKEA and are perfect for separating muslins, socks, bibs, bedding, etc. We're also storing some extra items in here for now - playmat, bath, highchair.

finishing touches

Art: I wanted to create a gallery wall inspired by book characters. I framed Beatrix Potter cards and stamps, some Noddy postcards from my childhood, Mog the Cat (Mog had to feature somewhere!) and the main feature: a jungle illustration drawn by Mama B. My mum is very artistic and created a nursery print for both my sister and I when we were babies, so I wanted to continue this tradition (luckily she said yes!).

We also added a Tin Tin print as L looks a lot like him...!

Handy: Whale doorstop we found during a trip to Edinburgh:

Shelving: L up-cycled a scaffold board to create a long shelf to store toys and treasures. So far we've added some childhood music boxes, a stimulating rainbow puzzle, some Beanie Babies & the Bon Bons sign from our wedding sweet station. The shelf is also perfect for hanging some fun items from, including a mini hot air balloon. We'll also be hanging a mobile from it above the changing table to keep Baby L distracted.

Memories: The cutest Baby Book in the world! Not only do you log important facts and milestones but there's little envelopes inside to store scan photos, plus a height chart and family tree. You name it, it's in there. The illustrations are so pretty, too. I found this in Anthropologie during our trip to Guildford, but you can buy it online here.

Storage: We added behind-the-door shelves to store books and spare nappies, etc. 

Books: I know it's a while until reading time but I wanted to get a few childhood classics in the nursery. I used to love 'Ladybird well-loved tales' books when I was little so during my pregnancy I started to source some. My all-time favourites have to be The Magic Porridge Pot, The Elves & The Shoemaker, The Enormous Turnip and The Princess & The Pea.

I also added a couple of toys from my childhood for fun - The Lion King and a tiny Troll.

Lighting: As soon as we added our hot air ballon lightshade, it immediately felt like a nursery. Full details here.

Soft toys: Peter Rabbit plus some baby rattles / squeakers from the M&S sale.

Peter Pan wall sticker: Another subtle(ish!) nod to Disney. This is placed just above the door, from Etsy.


Rug: Useful to protect your carpet from spills, etc! We also found this on Etsy. (Bouncer from Mothercare).


  • Clean your carpets after painting so everything's clean and fresh before putting furniture in
  • Blackout curtains highly recommended
  • Use this opportunity to have a good chuck-out - we got rid of 3 cars-worth of things we never really used (not just the room you're redecorating but the whole house - as you'll have lots of baby things you'll need room for!)
  • Amazon 'Subscribe & Save' is a great option for regular essentials e.g. nappies, water wipes
  • Keep an eye on sales and price matches if you're not in any rush to purchase items yet
  • Speak to your midwife about safety considerations before planning anything e.g. not putting sleeping furniture near a radiator - I found NCT really helpful for this information.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! More nursery ideas I love can be found on my Nursery Pinterest board.