Nursery Curtains

One of my most vivid memories of my childhood bedroom were my midnight blue star curtains. I loved them - lots of little stars scattered across a calming night sky shade. They were really pretty and set a sleepy mood to the room. (Ideal for a baby!) With this in mind, I thought it would be nice to start a new tradition of nursery star curtains, ready for our new arrival in December.

L and I had already decided on a neutral nursery scheme, adding colour with accessories once we knew what we were having. I wanted to go a shade darker to our new grey walls (Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray) to add some contrast. I stumbled across this pretty pic on Instagram and was immediately reassured sticking to a similar colour scheme was a good call:


After discussing our idea with a contact of Mama B's (she's a sewing wizard), we agreed on the fabric, length, tie backs and ensured they would have a blackout lining. Here's the final result...

It's amazing how one pair of curtains instantly transformed our room into a nursery! We are so thrilled with them. They work really well with the blinds we had already installed a few years ago, too.

Next step - art hanging! As you can see from the alphabet print above, we're relying on art and accessories to inject some colour. (Stay tuned!)

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